Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reflecting on That Thyroid Thing

I love how God works things out for me. It always seems that when I'm dealing with or about to deal with a particular challenge He has already given me tools to prepare for it. Case in point, my thyroid.

In the weeks leading up to my O.B. discovering that lump, as a couple and in church we had been studying God's word about healing and had been reading a lot of Charles Capps. I had also started following one of my now favorite bloggers Naturally Knocked Up who was posting about THYROID! She has been a great resource and I strongly suggest following her for more then just thyroid or fertility health. She is a wealth of information! And to get your hands on Charles Capps teachings, it is life changing!

About a month after the complex cyst (cancer free by the way) was removed and had my final post-op with my ENT and received the official all clear but would need to follow up with an endocrinologist to keep an eye on my T Levels and all that jazz. So what did that mean? Thyroid "supplements' for the rest of my life? According to the doctor most likely. However even with the supplements I was STILL having symptoms. So what do I do about that?

I kept it in prayer, because He if my Great Physician. But I also looked into and continue to look at all ways of healing myself. In that search I have discovered a wealth of information about other who have managed to get off medications and heal their body naturally.

I choose, after much research and doing an elimination diet, that going gluten, corn and mostly grain free was the best choice for me. Cutting back on artificial sugars helps too. So much so that when I am good with my eating I have NO hypothyroid symptoms. (Remember, I was still having them even while taking medication.) Oh and my doctors even removed me from thyroid meds. Woohoo! I will still keep an eye on this are and I have more health changes to try but I am pushing them off until after I'm done breastfeeding Macaroon.

Another positive, since that cyst was removed I've pretty much gotten my old "before kids" metabolism back and the extra pounds I have been carrying around have been melting off. Yes!! Plus I will admit, this "angry red line" on my neck isn't nearly as bad as the first ENT made it sound like it would be. Or even how it looked like it would be in those first few weeks. I know, it's vain. But hey, it is what it is.

Got to buzz, time to start school.