Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I just got the best deal... Part 3 THE BEST DEAL!

Who has a yard sale in October? Apparently we do! And not just any sale, but a $1 sale. A what? Well, you have heard of Dollar Tree or The Dollar Store right? Well we marked everything at our yard sale $1 or less. Did we take a loss on some things? Yes, but you know what? We sold a bunch of stuff we most likely would not have otherwise....all things considered I'm pretty sure we came out on top.

But you know what deal I was most excited about? Sharing with one of the customers how they could also get free mobile service. This is how the exchange went.
Customer: (picking up a home phone) Does this work?
My husband: Yep, we just don't need it anymore. We get free mobile service.
Customer: That would be nice.
Me: You can too.
Customer: !!!!????!!!!

And now don't you want to know how to get free too?

Now before you start thinking this is some small, local coverage, no frill's not! It's over 300,000 members in a little over one year. Solavei uses T-Mobiles national network. It is UNLIMITED talk, text and 4G! It is all for only $49 a month.

Wait, what about the free? Simple, remember how you already have already been sharing deals and your special referral links with your friends? Yep, referral! When three people sign up at your special link you get $20 every month loaded onto your very own cash card...EVERY MONTH. But wait there is more (I know, sounding like an infomercial aren't I.) but there IS MORE. Every time three more people sign up at your special link you get another $20!

Now before you start thinking "this is one of those companies" or you think it sounds too good to be true, let me tell you more. Well, let our friend Jay-Jay Jagelka tell you more because he says it perfectly. 

"Just to clarify, Solavei is not a Network Marketing company or an MLM or anything like that. Solavei is an amazing savings and rewards program that saves you tons of money on products and services you are already using such as Mobile service, cable TV, Internet, gas, electricity and so on. There is no investment to become a Solavei member other than choosing to save with one of their money-saving services such as Mobil service. Most people become a Solavei member simply to save money and that's it. Others choose to share the savings program with others. The more you share the greater the Solavei rewards. You can even be rewarded with free service for the rest of your life for simply sharing Solavei savings with others. There is no selling involved at all. You can even get significant cash back each time you shop at places you already shop at daily such as Target, Subway and Starbucks just to name a few. There are way too many stores participating to even begins to tell you."

We started using this service and in less then 3 months my husband had over $1000 a month being loaded onto his card and its grown since then. AND I'm not too far behind. AND all that was before they started the cash back at retailers. And Jay-Jay was right about significant. How does 15% back at Starbucks sound? I know some of y'all could make some bank with your coffee addiction.

My husband phrases it this way. "Solavei members get as much as 10% and 20% cash back when they use their Solavei card to pay. This is on top of any other discount you might already be getting. So if you spend 300-500 a month at on stuff like Subway and Starbucks, do your shopping at stores like Old Navy and Walmart, extra. We are talking just your normal spending habits you'd get enough money back to pay for your mobile service. "

Like a said, THE BEST DEAL EVER! Check out the Solavei Marketplace video at Solavei or message me directly and I can give you more information. I would love y'all to be saving and even making as much as we are!

-Got to buzz, I have a date with cash back at Starbucks today.