Monday, October 21, 2013

Coconut Oil

I cannot remember what came first, the craving of coconut with my third pregnancy (three guesses why that baby is nick named Macaroon.) or the Pinterest education of Coconut oil. Well, not matter the truth is I LOVE COCONUT OIL!

Do you? I remember back in my tanning days slathering on Hawaiian Sun tanning lotion and LOVING the smell of coconut. Come to think of it, with each pregnancy I desired coconut smelling lotions. Hmmm interesting.... Anyway! Doesn't the smell of it transport you someplace tropical? Forget that the most tropical places I have ever been is the Disney Land area and Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. No matter, when I put on that lotion I can imagine white sandy beaches, crashing waves and warm sun!

Back to coconut oil, my new body "lotion".

So here I am in the locker room post work out and shower slathering myself in coconut oil. (I keep baby food jar full of it in my gym bag.) so I am dipping into my mysterious jar of lotion and this beautiful gal, in broken English, asks me "what is that lotion, it smells so good". Do y'all know how much I wish I got commission on this stuff? I don't but I will gladly pass on my love of it to you if you let me. (Oh....but I do get cash back when I shop at Trader Joes!)

What I use coconut oil for.
Moisturizer my face and body.
Slather it on my babies post bath time, they smell extra yummy!
Treat razor burn.
Diaper cream.
My husband and son use it as hair product. My daughter tries the same, but her hair is too fine.
I use it in place of butter on pancakes, French toast and breads.
Roast carrots, sweet potatoes or other yellow roasting squash.
In my hot cereal.
To make chocolate candy.
Oil pulling.
Massage oil
And...well, I find new uses for it every day. You can check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

Got to buzz, family will be back soon and I need to get some stuff done while little ones are out of the house.