Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Home, My Purpose: A Challenge

As y'all know I am on the search for less "busy" in my life and more living on purpose with a purpose. You know, we all have one right? And it's not just to change diapers, do the dishes, file the papers or punch the clock. But what is my purpose you might ask? I believe we have more then one. And I believe that when we live each day spending time with the Holy Spirit that He will guide us  flat out tell us what we should be doing. Now I'm not trying to be weirdo spiritual, I'm not saying I should stand in the kitchen and wait for Him to tell me to clean the kitchen so I can make dinner. Wisdom tells me that I need to clean the kitchen so I can make dinner. And I'm not saying I should not change the diaper until He tells me to. I can see smell feel the leaking diaper that tells me to change it.

But when I tune in, when I am not busy being busy I can hear Him during the day say to me "Pumpkin needs more hugs." "Your Honey needs you to  encourage him right now." "Your friend that you have not talked to in years needs you to call her." "No, your are not going to send him to that amazing school, you are going to home school."... and so much more. I think it's in those moments that I not only hear Him, but obey that I can say "this is my purpose".

I also know that my role as wife and mother and homemaker and...well some other irons I have in the fire are His purpose for me too. And because of that I am, like any great artist or craftsman, looking to hone my skills. To learn more, improve upon, or as the US Army says "Be all that you can be". (Do they still say that or is my age showing?)

Well, one of those areas I have been working on is the environment of my home. And I am so excited to find a great resource to share with you Making Your Home a Haven Week 1 a fall challenge from the gals over at Women Living Well. It just started this week and I would love y'all to take the challenge with me.

Got to buzz, I forgot to light my candle.