Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Summer Scarf

The Summer Scarf. I have just never gotten it, for the love of peat it's summer! A scarfs job is to keep our neck warm and on cold days I gladly sport my favorites and on super cold days I even cozy up in my not so favorites for practical reasons. Now I do know that this is a much loved fashion accessories these days and I will admit I get a little jealous when I see you beautiful ladies pulling it off, but it's just not for me.

3 Reasons why a summer scarf is not for me

  1. I sweat! I don't need anything else to help me reach for my anti persistent of choice when what  I really want to do is take my flipping clothes off! And since wearing only a scarf is not a modest or legal (out side of the bedroom) option I'm going to have to skip it.
  2. I have a round face Actually it is more oval with chipmunk cheeks, but these post baby days were calling it as it is. Round! And that scarf, while it can hide that second chin that keeps showing up, just makes my face look rounder.
  3. I have a short neck. Well, not a really short neck. In fact I have mastered some great fashion tricks to making it look more swan like. Wearing scarf is not one of them.

So here is my secret, the only reason you will see me don a summer scarf in public is to HIDE something! You know like maybe a hickey? So as I sport a summer scarf from now until next spring I hope you think that is what I'm doing and get a little giggle out of it. Unfortunately, for me and my Honey, it is not the main reason for my scare wearing this summer. The main reason is to disguise my Partial Thyroidectomy.

I had my Thyroid surgery yesterday and it was a success! I briefly spoke with my surgeon as I was coming out of surgery and anesthesia but  I don't remember much of that but her smile and "it all went well". However, my Honey spoke with her and along with the "it all went well" "didn't find any cancer cells" "only had to take that one lobe" she also expressed her surprise that I had not had any trouble breathing or swallowing all this time because it was so large! I'm looking forward to my follow up appointment in two weeks to get all the details my self.

Frankly, I credit God that I had no complications from that thing living in me. And while I'm  not able to lift anything or anyone over 10lbs and I am in a fair amount of pain,  I'm doing pretty good thanks to a young girlfriend who is helping me with my kids, church family who is helping me with dinner and my spectacular Honey who is helping me with everything. Couldn't do this with out them!

Got to buzz, I have some healing AKA sleeping to do.