Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bathtub Brilliance

So I'm on baby number three and with my first I HAD to have a baby bathtub! However, I think I used it like once and then I just took showers with him till he was able to be in the normal tub himself. So with baby number two I used that same tub...ONCE and then received a second bathtub as a gift from my grandma. And not just any bathtub but the big daddy of baby bathtubs a PRIMO-Euro-Bath. I mean this thing is almost as big as our normal tub and in fact I'm pretty sure I could bath in it if I had too. I'm not even sure I used it as a bathtub with her but I did get some extra use out of it during the summer as a kiddie pool of sorts.

Now on to baby number three, he is only just six months old and for the most part I have used this hammock thing in the kitchen sink or he's gotten a quick shower with me. And let's be clear, by baby number three unless he can hold his own in the normal tub with big brother and sister, his baths are short and efficient! And that battleship of a baby bathtub is tucked away with no plans of seeing the light of day until maybe summer or the next yard sale!

That's my plan and I'm good with it! Then I'm flipping threw my free subscription to Parents Magazine and low and behold THE MOST BRILLIANT BABY BATHTUB IDEA EVER and I desperately wish I could claim this idea as my own but the truth is it was another mom featured in June 2013 issue of the magazine who thought of it first! And if you are anything like me, and you have not thought of this idea your are hitting your head in one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. Because folks it is brilliant!

I am a super fan of things, especially baby items, that can do more then one thing. After all they out grow this stuff way faster then they can use it and then what? I'm all about more bang for my buck and this idea had it! Alright ready for it?

Baby in the bathtub with NO WATER! That's right use the bathtub with no water. So it's not going to get your kid clean if you use it this way but you know what it's going to do? It's going to keep your baby busy whether you are playing with him while he's in the tub or letting him play alone while you load the dishwasher. And it's going to save you money (especially if you already have the tub) because you are not going to have to buy one of those fancy infant sit up things that last about two months before your baby is crawling out of it. Now don't get me wrong, before I found this brilliant bathtub idea I really wanted one of those too. Now, forget about it. I have The Baby-bathtub!

Macaroon enjoying sitting up on his own with the help of the tub.

This tub is such a hit that within moments of putting Macaroon in it my Cupcake girl was right behind!
Cupcake loaded him up with extra toys and climbed in to play in the new "toy" too.

And after I pulled baby out big brother got into the tub AKA "boat" too. Actually, I had to save Macaroon from the boat because when the big kids saw how much fun he was having the both wanted in with him. This tub has gotten more use in this past week then the two years I've had it. Thanks Grandma for the super awesome too big bathtub!

Gotta Buzz time to bath them for real!