Saturday, May 25, 2013

Start a Blog

I'm going in for surgery (more on that some other time) in less then four days. I have three little kids (5, 2 & 6 months) and a house that is a mess! You know not just one of those "I need to mop the floor, do the dishes, put the laundry away and dust messes" but one of those I've pulled out everything in some kind of life-changing-I'm-going-to-make-everything-run-like-a-well-oiled-machine MESS. So instead of prodding on with my too busy to sit project I am sitting down to start a blog. Crazy right? And, are you kidding me do we need another blog? No, we don't. But maybe one of my ideas or something I share that I've been inspired by (and you better believe I will always try to site my inspiration correctly) will inspire you as well. Or you just might glean some, as my husband calls them "Krystal-isms" from me. At the very least, maybe you will get a kick out of our antics.

Gotta buzz more life changing cleaning to do!