Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Husband is BRILLIANT!

My Husband is BRILLIANT! No really, he is and about lots of things. But when it comes to things of the kitchen I'm sometimes left wondering until he shared an idea with me last night. OH MY HE IS BRILLIANT and I'm just about ready to let him take over all the cooking because of this idea. No it's not disposable dishes. However he has picked them up on occasion so I wouldn't have to "do the dishes" if I didn't want to. In fact he does the dishes for me all the time and often cleans the whole house too. My man IS a keeper!

Nope this idea involved the slow cooker and the mass amounts of chicken breasts I got on sale and was planning to George Foreman grill up. It happened to be one of those days that I couldn't get ahead of the mess and was topped off with a teething baby who was also fighting a head cold. Oh, and big sister got that cold too; probably because she keeps running off with his sippy cup and other "chew toys". Ah, siblings.

So hear I am, finally got the kids to bed. Still have another load of dishes to do and 9lbs of chicken that I needed to cook NOW and it's the last thing I want to do. I was whining to my Honey about having to cook said chicken, asking him about boiling it and he says "Why don't you put it in the crock pot?"  I had cooked a whole chicken the day before and had my homemade broth cooking all that day. His idea, cook the chicken in that broth. I did and it was amazing, not to mention simple. Super moist, as slow cookers are known to make the meat and flavorful! (Next time I will add some, and by some I mean a ton, of garlic to the stock to add a bit more to the chicken.)

All the chicken is now cooked, weighed and put away in zip lock bags for use this week. Yes, weighed out into individual portions! We are trying to be more aware of the portion sizes and calories we eat as we towards stronger and healthier bodies. We are pretty much just using the chicken for salads and mixed with vegetables. I'd done this last month by grilling the chicken on the Foreman and I'm sure I will still keep doing that but I like having this as an option too.

Do you have a food scale? I've found it amazing in training my eyes in portion control. It's even stretching our budget further because I am cooking only what we need to eat. I was even able to portion off a bunch of taco meat today for meals all month long. Well, if you do not have one I strongly suggest it, my kitchen will never be without one again.

Got to buzz, morning will be here before I know it.